There’s a Scientific Reason You’re Attracted to People Who Look Like You


A great way to freak out a couple is to tell them that they look like they could be related. It turns out that looking alike might actually benefit your relationship.Scientists at Royal Holloway University have found that not only do we tend to trust people who look similar to us, the opposite is also true. “When a person is shown to be more trustworthy, it can lead us to perceive that person as looking more similar to ourselves.” The study shows that our perception of each other isn’t just an objective physical assessment, but can really impact the “specific nature of the social interactions we have.”

The scientists suggest that this quirk of the human brain served as a way for us to monitor genetic relatedness, and that “evidence of trust in others also serves as a cue to kinship.” So don’t freak out if you pull up your crush’s Facebook photos and your friend says they look like they could be your brother (or worse, your dad). Being drawn towards people who look like us is our brain’s way of keeping us safe. And if you want to get a jump-start on the process, there’s Find Your Face Mate, a dating website that matches members by facial recognition technology. Which isn’t creepy at all.

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