Intel display Win8 super book: lateral spreads keyboard + very cool appearance

Intel recently held in Beijing Intel technology summit (IDF 2012), many new cool babies are shining, this paper is the leading role Cove Point, had earlier by the media with code “Letexo” said, have the keyboard Intel super side of this, or more should become the deformation, is Win8 leading the most gorgeous of the agitation, tablet PCS and notebooks the product of the two.

With 12.5 inch screen Cove Point, equipped with Ivy Bridge processor and two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI video output interface, and is expected to Windows8 together with the final version of the listed, Intel said she sells for $1000!

So lateral spreads keyboard design was too cool, super this show fully portable sex at the same time, casual will change the tablet computer, have the keyboard can be fully make up for tablet computer in the office before the soft rib of convenience. Now really more and more difficult to distinguish between the super this and the boundary between the tablet computer.

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