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The Top 5 Diet Pill Ingredients for 2014

The Top 5 Diet Pill Ingredients for 2014

Supplement companies are always looking for the best ingredients to help with weight loss. Though there doesn’t seem to be a magic cure for losing weight, these six ingredients seem to be helpful in supporting a plan for diet and exercise. Green Tea: Green tea has been drunk for thousands of years and its been


Rolling Stone Releases Their 50 Best Albums of 2013

Rolling Stone released their annual Best Albums list today. Full of household names like Kanye, Drakeand Lorde, the list goes on to include Daft Punk, Eminem, HAIM, CHVRCHES, Disclosureand Chance The Rapper right above Miley Cyrus <3. Like everyone will have with everyone else’s top albums list, I have a few problems. I am personally missing an appearance from St. Lucia with their debut album When The